Lock Box / DropBox Campaign

What Is It?

LockBox and DropBox Campaigns were identified by the Community Wellness Action Team and the Coalition for a Safe and Drug Free Swain County as an initiative in 2019. It will be continued in 2022 as an action, when combined with other actions in our community, has a reasonable chance of making a difference in substance misuse in our community. This is an ongoing program in our community.

This program is ongoing as it is currently effective in Swain County and needs to be expanded to reach more of the population.

The priority population for these LockBox and DropBox Campaigns are organizations that are willing to establish a DropBox and community members interested in a LockBox. LockBox and DropBox Campaigns aim to make a difference at the community level. Implementation is ongoing in the community.

Misuse often impacts rates of violence, injuries, and certain diseases, so people who are using substances are at a disadvantage when it comes to overall health. 

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The partners for this strategy include:




Coalition for a Safe and Drug Free Swain County

Beth Young


Swain County Health Department 

Trish Hipgrave

Collaborate and Support

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