Residents of Swain County are Healthy, Active and Thriving

HNC2030 Alignment

Chronic Disease and the related result "Residents of Swain County are healthy, active, and thriving" are aligned with the following Healthy NC 2030 health indicators and desired results. 

  • Access to Exercise Opportunities - Increase physical activity
  • Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption - Reduce Overweight and Obesity


Experience & Importance

How would we experience residents of Swain County being healthy, active, and thriving in our community?

Swain County would be healthier and happier by reducing obesity, chronic disease, and food insecurity. According to community key informant sessions, listening sessions, and digital surveys, community members would experience the following if "Residents of Swain County are healthy, active, and thriving" were reached: 

  • Increased physical activity
  • More outdoor activity 
  • Increased life span
  • Increased healthy food options
  • Decreased visits to a primary care provider as a result of reduced chronic disease
  • Hearing more people communicating about healthy options 


What information led to the selection of this health issue and the related results?

The Swain County Health Department, in conjunction with Swain Community Hospital, processed the community health assessment data in August and September of 2021. Information was gathered regarding the relevance, impact of chronic disease, and the feasibility of decreasing chronic disease. Community members unanimously voted to continue with the long-term priority of Chronic Disease. 

Known risk factors (Healthy People 2030 website) for this issue are as follows: 

  • Built-in Environment
  • Low Socioeconomic Status
  • Low Educational Attainment 


Partners with a Role to Play

Partners include:

  • Swain County Health Department
  • Swain Community Hospital
  • Mountain Wise
  • Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina
What Works to Do Better and Process

The following actions have been identified as ideas for what can work for our community to make a difference in chronic disease.

Actions and Approaches Identified by Our Partners: Our partners think these actions and approaches can make a difference in chronic disease.

  • Worksite Wellness -- Swain Summits
  • Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes Program


What is currently working in our community: These actions and approaches are now in place in our community to make a difference in chronic disease.

  • Worksite wellness programs (i.e., Swain Summits)
  • Access to gym facilities
  • Increase in health awareness 
  • Community health assessments
  • Mammography Bus
  • Dental Grants 


Evidence-Based Strategies: These are actions and approaches that have been shown to make a difference in obesity as it relates to chronic disease.

Name of Strategy Reviewed

Level of Intervention 

Worksite Wellness


Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes Program



Process for Selecting Priority Strategies

The Community Wellness Action Team (C-WAT) reviewed the community health assessment data in September and October 2018. Following those meetings, the whole distance exercise was completed by walking through the results-based accountability format in selecting actionable items. The whole distance exercise was conducted over two meetings. The group worked through the exercise and landed on the "what will work". Each group member in attendance voted on a strategy that met the three identifiable principles -- data power, proxy power, and communication power. In 2021, worksite wellness was voted to be continued as a priority strategy. It was also voted to add promoting Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes Online as a new priority strategy. 

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