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S&H Youth and Adult Services (SHYAS) has partnered with Atrium Health Cabarrus - Behavioral Health Unit to provide Peer Support services for individuals admitted to the emergency department for mental health or substance use disorders. Peer Bridger Serivces are provided by SHYAS's peer support counselors who have two or more years of recovery and use their strength hope and experience to help others overcome their life challenges. The Peer Bridger Program is an evidence-based intervention aimed at improving outpatient service engagement, quality of life and reduce re-hospitalization rates after discharge from psychiatric hospitals. 

SHYAS provides One on One and Group Adult Peer Support Services that includes assistance with

  • Obtaining Meals
  • Engaging in Social Activities and Developing Natural Supports; 
  • Identifying, Obtaining & Maintaining Educational Resources & Employment; 
  • Identifying, Securing, and Maintaining Housing; 
  • Pre-Crisis and Post Crisis Support; 
  • Demonstrating Self Advocacy; 
  • Addressing Health Concerns and Facilitating Total Wellness; 
  • Promoting Self Help

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