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HIV Programs

What We Do

The HIV/STD/Hepatitis Program funds and supports programs that help people at risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD):

  • learn how to protect themselves from acquiring STDs and prevent their spread
  • access appropriate STD testing
  • access and adhere to treatments that can reduce symptoms, improve health, and reduce the risk of transmission

We work with medical providers to ensure that they are best able to perform appropriate STD testing and deliver the best treatment to their patients who are diagnosed with STDs.

Who We Serve

We serve people at risk for STDs and those with an STD diagnosis. Our prevention, testing and treatment programs benefit individuals, their families and all Vermonters.

How We Impact

  • Support programs that target those at highest risk with prevention information and supplies
  • Perform patient follow-up to ensure treatment success
  • Assist patients in voluntary partner notification and partner testing or therapy access
  • Work with medical providers to ensure appropriate testing guidelines and treatment strategies are followed
  • Work with medical providers to reduce barriers to successful patient treatment access

Budget Information


 FY23 Actual

 FY24 Projected

 FY25 Governor Recommended

 HIV Programs




This represents a portion of the Public Health appropriation #3420021000

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