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Correctional Services: Parole Board

Budget Information

Parole Board FY23 Actual FY24 Budget FY25 Governor Recommended
Program Budget $445,175.00 $472,229.00 $534,537.00
(Appropriation #3480002000)

What We Do

The Parole Board is an autonomous body that is included in the Corrections appropriation for administrative purposes. The Board reviews referrals by the DOC for individuals incarcerated or on community supervision furlough who are eligible for parole consideration to include initial eligibility hearings, presumptive parole administrative reviews, or subsequent reviews. The Board reviews all requests to address allegations of violation of conditions of parole supervision through a reprimand hearing or a formal violation hearing. The Board reviews requests for condition modifications, parole rescission, or early discharge. In addition, the Parole Board is responsible for reviewing all individuals placed on Supervised Community Supervision (SCS) at the expiration of their minimum sentence to determine if the individual should be discharged or to continue the individual on SCS. The Board is also responsible for reviewing all requests to address violation of conditions for individuals on SCS.

Who We Serve

The Parole Board serves the community by rendering just decisions by balancing victim needs, the risk to public safety, while promoting offender accountability success.

How We Impact

The Parole Board works in partnership with the DOC to comply with the principle that placement of offenders should be in the least restrictive environment consistent with public safety and offense severity. The Board’s implementation of evidence-based decision making and conditioning contributes to achieving this principle.


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