Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence (MTCR)

What We Do

The Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence (MTCR) is a seven-bed secure residential facility designed to provide a community-based aftercare option for people who are ready to discharge from a psychiatric hospital but still require considerable support in their recovery process. MTCR staff believes in a holistic approach to mental health and wellness, as well as encourages its residents to collaborate with their treatment team in creating a strengths-based, recovery focused plan to address individual challenges and goals. 

Who We Serve

The MTCR serves adults (18 years and older) with severe mental illness. Individuals can be referred to MTCR from either an inpatient psychiatric hospital or from a correctional facility and are required to be on an Order of Non-Hospitalization after having been found by the court to need a secure setting. If an individual is not already enrolled in a Community Rehabilitation and treatment (CRT) program through their local Designated Agency (DA), they will be referred to their local program upon discharge.

How We Impact

MTCR provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals who no longer require a high-level of care (e.g., hospital-level care) but are not yet ready to return to their communities. MTCR provides therapeutic supports focused on recovery and skill-building, in order to develop or regain independent-living skills. MTCR emphasizes the importance of re-integrating into the community and supports individuals with re-establishing connections within these communities. By supporting the development of these connections, MTCR staff focuses on providing the tools necessary for a successful transition back to an individual's community and avoid re-hospitalization. Without this step-down level of care, many individuals may experience an abrupt transition and have increased difficulty moving through the system of care, which can contribute to individuals having to remain in hospitals for an extended and unnecessary amount of time.

Budget Information

Budget description: DMH Run Secure Residential (MTCR/RVTR)

FY 22 Actual FY 23 Budget FY 24 Governor Recommend
$4,190,023 $5,704,139 $8,712,383
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Current Target Value
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