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Cooperative Christian Ministry

Action Plan

Huddle Housing (HH) will be carriage housing units positioned (huddled) around a community building with shared facilities on a site in Kannapolis to provide housing for extremely low-income individuals earning
$9,500 to $15,000/year. Often times this target population are people on disability, working minimum wage, and veterans. They can afford housing costs of about $250 - $375 per month (rent, utilities combine), and currently there is no housing solution in Cabarrus County for these individuals. 

Homeless to Housing (H2H) will be a multifamily campus that can serve 48 to 50 households of families, senior adults, and adults with disabilities who are currently homeless or in a housing crisis. Once at full capacity, the facility will serve about half of the current level of need for these populations. CCM is actively working on securing a location for this facility.

What We Do

Cooperative Christian Ministry serves Cabarrus and Southern Rowan counties through programs that move people from crisis to restoration.

  • Relieving hunger and food insecurity
  • Keeping families together in their home
  • Addressing homelessness and housing crisis

Teaching perseverance and restoring hope among struggling families in our community.

Who We Serve

CCM’s network of food pantries, crisis financial assistance and continuum of housing programs are built on the support of individuals, businesses, foundations and churches throughout the region. CCM’s collaborative services deliver resources and education that help individuals and families create a path to stability by networking with partner organizations and local businesses.

  • Over 30,000 volunteer hours each year
  • More than 40,000 people assisted with food, financial assistance or housing

Priority Populations                                                       Strategic Priorities

Individuals & Families in Crisis                                  Housing Stability & Recovery

Children Age 0-5                                                          Early Childhood Development

Working Age Adults                                                     Employment Transitions

Senior Adults                                                                 Senior Adult Well-Being


How We Impact

Cooperative Christian Ministry’s long time mission has been ‘to provide immediate assistance to members or our community who are experiencing crisis in the areas of food, housing, or finances while engaging them in a series of actions that will empower them to move beyond crisis.’ The organization recently released its 2025 New Horizon Strategic Plan which includes a rapid expansion of transitional and crisis housing solutions. 


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