2023 SOTCH

Progress on CHIP

Swain Summits Health screenings were held in April 2022. The Swain County Health Department provided free wellness panels and A1C bloodwork, as well as a % Body Fat, Blood Pressure, and Health Questionnaire screening.  Seventy-seven community members participated. 

Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes Online advertising was conducted via Facebook, Med Assist Event, and email listservs and reached ? community members. Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes Online incentives were offered to encourage community members to take and finish the first sixteen weeks of the course.  Two community members have completed the course. 

QuitlineNC advertising was conducted via Facebook, Swain Summits Screenings, and email list serve,  ? community members were reached. Quarterly Quitline and Live Vape Free ads were placed in the Smoky Mountain Times, reaching 3,900 community members each quarter. 

Morbidity and Mortality Changes Since Last CHA
New Initiatives and Community Changes
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