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2022 SOTCH Report

Progress on CHIPs

Please see the "Progress in 2022" note tabs under each program for 2022 updates. Additionally, each performace measure has 2022 updates.

2022 Diabetes Education Program

2022 Sugar Shock Program

2022 BASICS Food Box Distribution

Significant or Notable Changes in Morbidity or Mortality

The following represent significant morbidity and mortality changes in our community.

  • Leading Causes of Death Table
    • The change from 2020 to 2022 show an slight increase in Diseases of Heart deaths as it is still the leading cause of death. 


(Citation: North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics (NC SCHS). (2020). Causes of Death. [Data tables]. Available from

  • NC Opioid Dashboard 




Emerging Issues Impacting Health

These are the new or emerging issues in our community in 2022 that were not identified as priorities in our CHA.

  • Lack of Housing 

  • Overdose deaths 

New, Paused, or, Discontinued Initiatives, or, Activities

The following are new initiatives or changes in our community in 2022:

  • Rutherford County Health Department has begun a food pantry to handout to clients who are in need. We are working on applying for grants to be able to purchase healthy foods for these indivduals as we currently work off staff and community donations. 

  • There are new community health council efforts to address food insecuity and lack of housing.

  • There are new community collaborations to assist those with substance use, mental health, and medical challenges with a Harm Reduction Team. 

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