Every child in Navarro County is school ready and assisted to meet their full potential.

Indicator 3.4: % of Kindergartners Assessed as "Very Ready" in Four or More EDI Domains


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Story Behind the Curve

What are the positive factors that are contributing to you reaching your desired result?

  • Pre-existing education background: Pre-School, Day Care Attendance, etc.
  • Involvement in and Early Childhood Intervention Program
  • Access to virtual education and tools to teach their children: easy to find resources that weren't out there many years ago like ABC Mouse or PBS. 

What are the negative factors that are restricting you from reaching your desired result?

  • Language Barriers: More resources available to families that speak English
  • Socialization: Children staying at home, little to no social interaction with children outside the family
  • Limited Resources: No internet, lack of transporation, rural disadvantages, etc. 
  • 19% of children in Texas live with parents who did not complete a high school degree

What populations are the most disadvantaged and what causes these disparities?

  • Low-Income and/or Single Parent Households
  • Non-english speaking households
  • Grandparents raising children

Are there foreseeable factors that will affect your work over the next few months to a year?

  • COVID-19: Unforseeable School situations, Spike in active cases, etc. 
  • Levels of Unemployment: Uncertainy of goverment assistance, continued job loss, etc. 
  •  Lower levels of response: We can only assess students who attend school in-person. 

What additional research is needed to better understand the factors that influence the slope of the curve and related disparities? 

  • What will our results look like? 
  •  How many students will we be able to assess due ot COVID-19?
  •  How detailed will be get to be? What will our boundaries look like? 
  • How can we use this data to empower our surrounding rural communities?

Who are the partners who can help you reach your desired outcome? List partners and their roles.

  • Navarro County Early Childhood Coalition
  • ISDs in Navarro County, Schools
  • Community Programs: Salvation Army, Compassion Corsicana, The Boys and Girls Club, and the YMCA
  • Early Childhood Intervention Programs: Growing Together, New Life, The Hope Center, etc.
  • Local Day Cares
  • Parents
  • Churches
What Works

Research/Evidence-Based Practices:

  • Early Childhood Intervention: Works with families at an early age to work with any developmental issues or delays
  • Parent Education/Skills Programs: TBRI/the READY Method, The Incredible Years
  •  Enrollment in some sort of school: daycare, PreK, Headstart, etc.

Low Cost/No Cost Solutions:

  • Using Social Media to advocate and educate parents in the community on school readiness
  • Educating Parents on the importance of brain development and reading to your children 
  • Involvement with Parks and Recreation (add to existing events and activities): Socializing children and preparing them for social readiness and peer relationships 

Innovative/Out-the-Box Solutions: 

  • Little Libraries being placed around Navarro County: wider access to books and reading at an earlier age
  • Early Childhood Education Fair: Provide information for parents of young children and have all programs who support them available to talk with families (similar to Back to School Rally)
  • Help Me Grow
  • Bright by Text

Additional Research:

  •  How do programs/groups support cognitive readiness?
  •  What will the impact of COVID-19 be on social/emotional readiness of children?
  •  How do parents rate their children's readiness for school versus how they actually are assessed?
What Strategy By Whom (Partners) By When
Implementing the EDI ISDs in Navarro County The end of the 2020-2021 school year
Early Childhood Fair Schools, ECC, VOICE, Hope Center, GT, etc Fall 2021
Little Free Libraries Early Childhood Coaltion Fall 2020
Promoting/Partnering with Parks and Rec Local officials, ECC Summer 2021
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