Member and Provider Services (MPS) Unit: Transportation and Provider Teams

# of complaints received on transportation services

103SFQ3 2022

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Notes on Methodology

  • DVHA’s NEMT contractor
  • DVHA’s Health Care Appeals Team
  • DVHA’s Data Unit (when needed for reporting purposes)
Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure is important as we need to ensure that the contractor is providing proper customer service, and members are also able to access the care necessary to maintain and achieve healthy outcomes.

Customer service is not always an easily captured measure.  As this contract calls for self-reporting of issues and problems with customer service, it is important for the Transportation Team to be able to keep up on the status of complaints.  This will provide DVHA with a much more consistent picture of where the contractor stands regarding performance and staffing.  Strategies for success with this measure are to work with Vermont Public Transportation Association (VPTA) to address complaint trends, to educate VPTA when need arises, as well as to keep DVHA’s NEMT Manual updated.

If the data points to ongoing or increasing problems regarding customer service issues and deficiencies, staff can step in and work with or guide the contractor in obtaining training necessary to improve these areas.  If indications point to a more persistent problem, service level agreements (SLAs) built into the contract can be invoked and utilized to help obtain better results.

Narrative last updated:  11/16/2020

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