Behavioral and Emotional Support and Training 2.0 (Anne Arundel FY18 and beyond) Annual

Better Off: % of participants who report an improved attitude/ outlook for communication & family stability and resources available during/post incarceration - Annual

33%FY 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

FY22 EOY: While the program has been able to touch a few formerly incarcerated parents and work with them and their families, COVID restrictions continue to mean that they cannot operate inside the Ordnance Road Detention Center to work with incarcerated parents and their children during their time of incarceration to help create, strengthen, and/or maintain critical parent/child connections, which also impact their ability to influence this relationship post-incarceration. While they had some success with one of their formerly incarcerated parents and those children, the other two situations are very much a work in progress.

Numbers for this measure are likely to continue to fluctuate given that the ability to work with incarcerated parents and their children is very limited by COVID restrictions at Ordnance Road. Once those restrictions are lifted, we anticipate that the measures related to our families impacted by incarceration will rise and stabilize. 

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