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Vermont Medicaid Program - Telemedicine Questions


Telemedicine (Personal Doctor) - % of surveyed child Medicaid beneficiaries who responded that they "visited" (see note) their personal doctor 1 or more times over the previous 6 months

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Notes on Methodology

The 2020 survey did not define "visit". Starting in 2021 the survey asks if respondents have visited their personal doctor "in person, by phone or by video."

Story Behind the Curve

As noted above, the wording for this question changed starting in 2021 by asking respondents about the number of times they had in-person, phone or video visits,  We did see an increase in the 1 or more visit response rate since that change which may indicate increased access due to video and phone visits, but more time is needed to monitor this question.


  • Vermont health care providers
  • Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care (VPQHC)
  • New England Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC)

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