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Parental Incarceration-- increased communication

Better Off: % of participants who report increased communication, family stability, maintenance of familial connections, or support in reunification - Annual

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Story Behind the Curve

FY22 EOY: This was an incredibly tough year for our program vendor. They lost two staff people at the beginning of the calendar year to "the great resignation" and those staff were both trained in SF. They were able to hire new staff to perform the program, but by the time they did and worked on recruitment, they had a harder time getting traction in the community. They offered a couple of larger events for families that then fed into the Strengthening Families program to try to engage additional families but only a small percentage stuck with the program through to graduation. As this is an anomoly for this traditionally high functioning program we will re-evaluate this vendor after FY23 to ensure the program is back on track. 

While there were a small number of families that graduated, those that did had the program's typically stellar results and saw major improvements in their parenting skills and family relationships with their children. 

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