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24Q3 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

CMCA offers weatherization services through the Weatherization Assistance Program program.  This program provides renters, landlords, and homeowners home improvements designed to make their homes more energy efficient.  Data indicates the number of homes that have been weatherized each fiscal year.

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Additional Data

In FY 2021, CMCA weatherized a total of 90 homes in mid-Missouri, at an average cost of $4,910.66.  There was no cost to the homeowner or renter for weatherization services, and landlord contributions are strictly voluntary.




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Why Is This Important?

Low-income households spend 13.9% of their annual income on energy costs, compared to 3.0% for other households.  Weatherization services seek to reduce this financial burden while also improving the energy efficience and safety of the home.  Weatherization services save low-income families in Missouri an average of $370 per year on utility expenses, including an average 18% savings on annual heating consumption and an average 7% savings on annual electric consumption.    

Improved housing conditions also impact the family's health, resulting in fewer missed days of work or school due to illness.  Nationally, families whose homes have been weatherized decrease their out of pocket medical expenses by an average of $514 per year.  Each weatherized home results in a national average of $14,128 in total health and household related benefits.  From a cost-analysis perspective, every $1 invested in weatherization services yields $1.72 in energy benefits and $2.78 in non-energy benefits.

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How We Impact

CMCA’s Weatherization Assistance Program aids in creating a healthy dwelling for eligible applicants by conserving energy.  Weatherization reduces a home's energy use for years to come. Some weatherization improvements, such as insulating walls or an attic, will keep saving residents money for the life of the house — 30 years or more. Other improvements, such as making heating equipment more efficient, will provide savings for 10 to 20 years. Health and safety improvements are benefits that just keep on giving, over and over again.

Interested in how you can help?  Learn more about how you can make a difference for families in mid-Missouri.



CMCA's Weatherization Assistance Program is offered through funding administered by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Division of Energy.

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