Employee Health- COVID-19 Vaccination

% of staff that are fully vaccinated

90.3%Dec 2021

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Description of the Baseline
Historical Forecast
COVID vaccine was first made available to staff during three vaccine clinics open to employees and EMS staff. From January to the present, the vaccine has been available to all staff at each POD site. Employees have been offered assistance with making vaccine appointments by both the Employee Health Nurse and the Call Center Staff. Staff are updated when any extra doses are available onsite at CHA.  The baseline shows a slight trend in the right direction for % of staff that are fully vaccinated, however, the goal that CHA has would be for 80% of staff to be fully vaccinated.




Story Behind the Baseline

What are the causes?

Negative/Limiting (Factors pushing the trend down) Positive (Factors pushing the trend up)
  • vaccine hesitency


What factors are creating disparities or inequities within the data?



Supervisors: Allowing staff to leave to get their vaccine

What Works
  • Policies
  • Messaging
  • Surveying
  • Marketing Material
  • Mask Mandates
  • Incentives
  • Story Lines
Action Plan
  • Enhance Professional Education
  • Establish Clear Accountability and Buy-In
  • Standardize Policy and Orders
  • Recognition and Incentives
  • Drive increased public acceptance and demand for vaccine
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