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Decrease the number of unintentional drug overdose deaths

MHA 7. Unintentional Drug Overdose Deaths

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Story Behind the Curve

Contributing Factors (What's helping the trend?):

    • Community based overdose action teams
    • Community public health education and prevention programs
    • Treatment programs for individuals living with substance misuse/abuse
    • Naloxone distribution

Restricting Factors (What's keeping the trend from improving?):

    • Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic restricted program activities, access, and availability
    • Lack of access to treatment due to transportation challenges, geographic location, and financial barriers

Equity Issues (What disparities are contributing?):

    • Racial and ethnic minorities
    • Sexual orientation and gender minorities
    • Immigrant populations
    • Geographic location
    • Disadvantaged by reduced economic stability
    • Disabled populations
    • Homeless populations
    • Individuals living with mental health conditions
    • Incarcerated populations
    • Experiencing limited educational attainment or limited health literacy
    • Non-English speaking populations
    • Tribal populations


Clermont County Community Service

Clermont County Family & Children First

Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board

Clermont County Opiate Task Force

Clermont County Public Health

Clermont County Public Health - WIC

UC Area Health Education Center


Naloxone education and distribution program

Syringe services programs (SSPs)

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Recovery communities and peer supports / Housing programs for people with behavioral health conditions


Naloxone education and distribution program

  • Partner with Fire/EMS providers to establish leave behind naloxone programs. Currently, Miami Township Fire/EMS are coming onboard and Union and Felicity/Franklin Fire/EMS are working towards establishing these programs as well. (Clermont County Public Health)
  • Promote naloxone distribution through Project DAWN site (Clermont County Public Health, Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board)

Syringe services programs (SSPs)

  • Promote the Syringe Services Program which offers the following services: Syringe Exchange, Narcan Distribution, Hygiene Kits, and referral to treatment services through a peer coach (Clermont County Public Health)

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

  • MAT trainings (UC Area Health Education Center)
  • Monthly training and education to physicians on chronic pain through ECHO (Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board)

Recovery communities and peer supports / Housing programs for people with behavioral health conditions

  • Quick Response Team (QRT)  - provide information on recovery through partnerships with law enforcement/EMS (Clermont County Public Health)
  • Provide treatment alternatives to residents through the Community Alternative Sentencing Center (CASC) (Clermont County Public Health)
  • Screen WIC program participants for current drug use and provide referrals as needed (Clermont County Public Health - WIC)
  • Collaborate with Clermont Recovery Center to provide bags with information on substance use to families at food box drive-thrus (Clermont County Family & Children First)
  • Provide funding and access to recovery communities and peer supports (Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board)
  • Establish Housing First with referral systems for homeless shelters (Clermont County Community Service)
  • Develop 2 additional in-county recovery houses (Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board)

Policy Development/ Enactment/ Monitoring

  • Monitor and support legislation to reduce stigma and increase treatment and recovery (Clermont County Opiate Task Force)

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