Diversity Equity & Inclusion Efforts

% of allocations and sponsorships made to organizations with BIPOC in leadership positions in Marion County


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Story Behind the Curve

Restricting Factors (What's keeping the trend from improving?):

  • Lack of advocacy (UW & other community organizations) about opportunities available
  • Lack of opportunities for BIPOC to have leadership roles--organizations need to be more intentional on offering POC leadership positions
  • UW being more intentional about seeking out organizations led by BIPOC
  • Population of BIPOC in the county
  • Holding on to control/power
  • The systems in place that continue to perpetuate the status quo

Contributing Factors (What's helping the trend?):

  • General national awareness
  • Listening for understanding and ways to contribute to change ("listening in color")
  • Being honest with where we are and how much more we need to do
  • Participation in book studies/discussions (Decolonizing Wealth, We Want to Do More Than Just Survive, Biased, etc.)
  • Peer-to-peer conversations
  • Being willing to step aside, give up control/power

Priority Factor (Choose a factor from above to focus on):

  • Listening for understanding and ways to contribute to change ("listening in color")
  • UW being more intentional about seeking out organizations led by BIPOC
  • Do additional research on how other UWs and key foundations track DEI and contribute to this work

Equity Issues (What disparities are contributing?):

  • General lack of understanding within the community about racial equity issues
  • Need for increased advocacy around equity issues in the community
  • Racial disparities in education and leadership training
  • Local learning circle participants
  • Black Heritage Council
  • Community Foundation
  • Dreamkeepers--students of color
  • OSU Extension
What Works
  • Working with key partners to facilitate listening sessions.
  • Earmarking a percentage of annual allocations for diversity and equity work.
  • Partnering with the Community Foundation for leveraging of multi-year funding towards this work.
  • Broadening the racial diversity of UW's network in the region.
  • Further engagement of our partners in this work: offering trainings, collecting demographic information from partners regarding their boards, staff, and clientele.
Action Plan
  • Invite key partners to the Clear Impact Racial Equity Conference in November.
  • Plan a follow-up meeting with conference attendees from our network to discuss next steps.
  • Through biannual partner reports, collect demographic information regarding the people they serve.
  • UW will work with partners to organize at least 3 listening sessions before December 31.
  • UW Board and staff will meet with Community Foundation Board and staff to discuss multi-year funding options to support diversity and equity issues by January 2022.
  • Share out results of listening sessions to our network at the February partner meeting.
  • Plan an equity training for partners in February.
  • UW Board & staff will work to agree on a percentage of allocations to devote to this work by May 2022.
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