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Outcome measures data should reflect what we are trying to achieve in our goal. However, population level outcomes may also be influenced by factors unrelated to the SHIP interventions. and 1 more... less...

Outcome measures data for Disease Transmission and Vaccination Priority Area

# of healthcare facilities meeting all 7 core elements of CDC antimicrobial stewardship


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Data Description and Source

Brandi said HAI might have this.  I have a slide from a PPT Dr. Smith did. Source was: Unpublished Arkansas aggregate data from CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network.

Percentage of Hospitals in Arkansas That Met All 7 Core Elements, by Facility Type and Year


Another slide on LTC facilities had this source: Unpublished Arkansas Department of Health data collected utilizing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “Infection Prevention and Control Assessment Tool for Long-term Care Facilities” available at:



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