Healthcare Access, Eligibility & Enrollment Unit (HAEEU)

% of MAGI Applications Processed in <=45 days

98.2%Jun 2022

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Notes on Methodology

Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure is important because it tracks the unit’s timely processing of applications.

This metric will allow HAEEU to track how well we are maintaining timely processing of applications as we re-start pre-public health emergency activities (such as income verifications).  The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires applications to be processed to completion, which also means enrollment within 45 days.  This also includes handling verifications that would hold up enrollment. For Medicaid for Children and Adults (MCA), that would be Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) income. It does not include post-enrollment verifications like immigration or citizenship.

As you can see from the trendline above, HAEEU completed a high % of applications during the Public Health Emergency since we are verifying income based on self-attestation. When financial verifications are reinstated, this will likely reduce the completion percentage.  Within the last calendar year, the lowest monthly completion percentage was 97.1%. Obtaining a completion percentage of 100% has yet to be done and will seldomly occur due to external verifications delaying the enrollment process.

Last updated: 01/20/22

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