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VOICES - Independent Living Program (ILP)

[2.1] How Well: % of youth who closed Tier 1 services in the date range who received services (met with VOICES staff for 4 or more sessions of service (one session is a MyLIFE meeting) + attended 3 workshops) [Start Date = 7/1/2022]

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Explanation of Data by Racial/Ethnic Category

Statement on data sharing for communities that are smaller in number: 

Race/ethnicity data for certain Performance Measures and certain demographic communities has been intentionally redacted from outward facing data. No one is invisible to us. We collect this detailed data from most organizations and every individual and community is valued. We are committed to protecting the individual identities of program participants, so we do not externally report on racial/ethnic categories with fewer than 11 responses, as that could lead to easier identification of community members, whose confidentiality and trust we rely on and respect.

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