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Aug 2023


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Story Behind the Curve

The "Story Behind the Curve" helps us understand the causes and forces at that work that explain the data behind Campaign Reach.

What's Helping What We Do? These are the positive forces at work in View From Here that influence how much we do or how well we do it.

  • Consistent communications related to our priority health topics builds resident trust in public health.
  • Hyper-local, tailored, story driven messages resonates with our communities in WNC.
  • Social media communications is an effective way to spread health information to even our most rural communities.
  • All communities throughout regions 1 and 2 communicating the same messages builds a surround sound effect that builds trust and supports positive behavior change.

What's Hurting What We Do? These are the negative forces at work in View From Here that influence how much we do or how well we do it.

  • Our priority health topics can be met with stigmatizing public reactions.
  • While this work is incredibly successful, it’s also resource intensive and lack of ongoing funding raises the question of long-term sustainability.
  • Because of capacity limitations, we aren’t able to engage all of the community based partners we would like to include.

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