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% improved upon discharge from AOP

57%SFY 2020

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Designated Agencies continue to report greater percentages of discharge information with each fiscal year (toggle comparison).  As greater percentages of clients are reported, the percent with positive outcomes appears to decline, which may be due to greater percentages of clients with ongoing difficulties being reported.  For example, SFY 2008 appears to be markedly higher than subsequent years in positive outcomes, but it also has the lowest percentage of clients reported in that year.

Improved upon discharge from AOP is a Better Off measure that is clinician reported after treatment is completed. The Designated Agency network is targeting this measure for quality improvement in 2022 to work towards better reliability and validity across providers in determining how "improved" is defined and endorsed.

This measure is intended to be reviewed in concert with our consumer satisfaction data, which includes the question "Did services make a difference?" as the department does not rely solely on clinician perspective when determining treatment outcomes.


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Notes on Methodology

Based on Monthly Service Report (MSR) data submitted to the Department of Mental Health by Designated Agencies. Clinical staff are asked to rate as "improved," "unchanged," or "worseā€¯ the condition of each client whose case is closed. These ratings represent the professional opinion of the clinicians. Discharge rates reported for designated agency clients may underestimate the actual rates. This occurs because it was not possible to identify clients who were discharged during a quarter in which they received services and their condition on termination had not yet been rated. Clients who died while they were on the rolls of the community program or institutions are counted as discharged clients and are included in the discharge rate.

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