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Story Behind the Curve

At the end of SFY 2019, 76% (104) of active FSH families were stably housed (i.e., families who are in housing and not at risk of losing their housing). This represents a slight, though likely not statistically significant, increase compared with 72% (94) families active at the end of SFY 2018 who were stably housed.  FSH staff turnover contributes to this result by [LK1] impacting the relationship of families with their FSH provider.  In SFY 2019, OEO engaged a consultant to assess service coordinator onboarding practices and develop statewide standards and tools.  Final guidance (adopted May 2019) provides a more structured approach to onboarding that aims to reduce turnover and ultimately bolster family engagement over the long term.

It is worth noting that the figures shown in the chart above do not include families who are in the process of searching for housing.  When we included these families in our analysis of end of year data for SFY 2019, we found that 91% of families were stably housed or had access to a voucher and were actively searching for housing.

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