Early Childhood Book Distribution Programs

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What We Do

Partners for Children & Families (PfCF) is working hard to ensure every child in Moore County has all they need for healthy growth and development, starting at birth. We believe it is important to partner with local organizations to support early literacy development for the children in our community. PfCF has books perfect for young children and partners with local organizations to ensure they get to the families who need them most!

Encouraging Early Literacy has three components:

  • Agency staff members give a free, age-appropriate book to child during face-to-face visits.
  • Agency staff members provide parent education about the importance of reading.
  • Agency staff members collect a parent survey for every book distributed.

Encouraging Early Literacy partners with 7 local organizations that provide direct services to parents and guardians of children under the age of 5 who are at risk of low literacy development: Moore County Health Department, Life Care Pregnancy Center, Children's Developmental Services Agency, Moore County Schools, Sandhills Community College, North Moore Family Resource Center, and Moore County Department of Social Services.

Incorporating all three of the program components will help us meet our shared goal of preparing and motivating children to read, as well as preparing and motivating parents to be involved in their child’s literacy development.

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