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Emergency Medical Services


% of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) first response agencies reporting 911-initiated EMS calls to SIREN Elite

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Q4 2019


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Story Behind the Curve

Last update: October, 2022

Author: Emergency Medical Services Program, Vermont Department of Health

As a first step toward quality improvement in emergency medical and trauma care, the EMS office seeks to get all EMS agencies to report their patient-care information into the Vermont Statewide Incident Reporting Network (SIREN). SIREN has been used since 2010 to electronically capture prehospital patient care data. Access to quality data and effective data management play an important role in improving the performance of our emergency health care systems. 

Why Is This Important?

Uniform data collection is needed to consistently evaluate systems and develop quality-improvement programs. The National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) provides a basic platform for states to collect and report patient-care data in a uniform manner. NEMSIS enables Vermont’s EMS systems to evaluate their prehospital delivery. EMS reporting serves several important functions, including legal documentation, quality improvement initiatives, billing, and evaluation of individual and agency performance measures.


Vermont Highway Safety Alliance

Agency of Transportation

Emergency Medical Service agencies

What Works

Continued engagement and training of first response services. 

Action Plan

Conduct meetings to connect with first response services and providers to better gauge the benefit, challenges and buy-in from stakeholders.

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