The percentage of seniors from the selected cohort who successfully complete the FASFA or TASFA will be 100% and 1 more...less...

Project Link

Percent of Seniors who have completed FASFA or TASFA - all campuses

97%May 2018

Line Bar Comparison
Story Behind the Curve

Negative Factors:

  • Lack of Understanding
  • Low expectations
  • Only 1 expert - no training opportunities
  • Not a priority
  • No trust

Positive Factors:

  • Project Link on campuses
  • Robbie & Rolando/Waco Foundation
  • Additional Resources - VOICE/CAP
  • MCC/TSTC financial aid offices
  • CTE teachers on HS campuses 
  • Waco Foundation: Robbie and Rolando provide training and MAC grant
  • VOICE/CAP: scholarships for completion, attend FAFSA workshops
  • MCC/TSTC: financial aid workshops; answer questions/special circumstances [brandon]
  • CTE Teachers: allow students to come in for meetings
  • AVID: partner for field trips and motivate for completion
  • Prosper Waco: leverage power and resources to create change 


  • Parents 
  • College Fair (campus admin - with school as a whole)
  • ISD Admin offices 
  • University's tax services
  • MCC college and career fair with FASFA table
  • Tax Services (H&R Block)
  • Churches
  • City of Waco - community centers
  • Other colleges and universities admins and FA
  • Waco immigration alliance 
  • Business partner
  • CIS
What Works
Low Cost/No Cost
Field trips (senior trip - FASFA required)
Give the training to campus staff
Information sheet for parents about FASFA/Flier (mailouts)
Social media 
Class assignments

Out of Box
Football game FASFA 
TV/PSA for FASFA completion/understanding
Home visits/Outside of School
District adopting FASFA/TAFSA as priority
Saturday school FASFA, TSI, ApplyTexas
Promising Practices 
Gift cards for completion/incentives (laptops)
Parent Night
Competitions between Schools
Bring award letters to track $$$

Other research needed
accurate and consistent data
more information about verification 

Action Plan

What are we going to do?


  • Information Mailouts for PL families (L) Created the mailer. About to send out - will send to the group.
  • Fliers and Mailouts (T) Created flier about myths and truths! Rework the flier with newly learned lessons from student interactions - rough draft by the 24th.
  • Track award letters (R)
  • Track award letters (A) Find a place to leave the reward letters and track in excel.  Reward letter will be required for seniors to participate in activities. 
  • Helping Robbie - PL POC (B) Robbie retired...Brandon needs to met and help the new person at Waco Foundation - Lauren Allen.
  • Campus admin discussion about policy priorities (N): Natalie spoke with Waco ISD board member. Next step, meet with MP. 


  • (LV) Football FAFSA -  Changed to Basketball FAFSA - include on flier what information to bring with them.
  • (UHS) additional FAFSA training for staff - FAFSA night on Oct 24th.  Trainer has transitioned out of district. Looking for additional options.  Potentially training available at Region 12 and TSTC. 
  • (WHS) Saturday school integration - Positive response from Waco High. Follow-up with Natalie. Curriculum outlined and approved.
  • (MCC) run verification reports for HS campuses: Natalie can run verification reports as long as student is planning on coming to MCC. 
  • (TSTC) increase visibility through FASFA completion Build relationships with students earlier in the year. 

Team Level:

  • Adopt policy recommendations around FAFSA and TASFA 
  • Gift cards/incentives for completion 
  • Train the trainers 
  • School competition
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