Member and Provider Services (MPS) Unit: Transportation and Provider Teams

% of pickup/return trips the transportation contractor completes on time

99.0%May 2022

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Notes on Methodology

  • Vermont Public Transportation Association (VPTA)
  • Medicaid members
Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure is important because it shows that the transportation contractor is performing in compliance with contractual standards regarding member pick up and drop off for scheduled appointments and that members are getting to their appointments on time.      

The Member & Provider Services (MPS) Unit's Transportation Team is monitoring this measure because complaints have been received from members not getting to appointments and not getting picked up in a timely manner.  The team receives reports from Vermont Public Transportation Association (VPTA) on a monthly basis and monitors the on-time pick up and drop off times. If at any given time the rate drops below 95%, VPTA is required to give us a corrective action plan.  On an annual basis, the Transportation Team does a “Road Show” to the sub-contractors to inform them of changes and to give feedback.  The team also does audits twice a year to the sub-contractors of VPTA to audit the records of on time pick up and drop off.   Twice a year, the team does random member outreach to the members who have received NEMT rides to ensure they are getting to picked up and delivered to appointments on time.

The trendline has maintained a fairly steady rate since the beginning of SFY21.  Trips in March and April decreased substantially due to COVID-19, and in early fall 2020 the trips begin to rebound.  The COVID-driven fluctuations in utilization, including the impact of the pandemic on the availability of drivers, have not had a major negative impact on the measure since the beginning of the outbreak.    


Narrative last updated:  11/03/2020

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