Strategy 1.1: Address child and family basic needs and 1 more... less...

UWSC-funded: % of families that successfully exited a family support program

EPM 1.1a: % of families that successfully exited a family support program

89.6% FY 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

August 2021: Only one of the Raising Readers programs listed below was able to report on this performance measure in FY20-21. Super K, for example, reported "This program is no longer active. It is under review to be combined with a new Storypals structure." Similarly, Small Talk reported "Program was put on hold during the 19-20 FY. The grant supporting the program ended and new fund/structure needed to be figured out. A new virtual version is planned to start Jan. 2021." - AM


The partners whose data is aggregated here include:

  • Lutheran Services in Iowa: Parent Development and"Parents as Teachers" program (effective FY20-21)
  • MICA: Family Development (the ASSET-funded part of this program, "Steps 2 Success," was discontinued in Story County in FY19-20. Data is no longer reported.)
  • Raising Readers: Super K and Small Talk Story County (currently active), Tot Time and Raising a Reader (programs currently on hold but have reported data previously)
  • YSS: Family Development (FaDSS and Healthy Futures)
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