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Budget: Actual vs. estimated program budget

$946.97MilJun 2022

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Notes on Methodology
  • Please note in the chart above that the $ amounts are cumulative.
  • The solid trend line shows the actual expenditures.
  • the dotted trend line shows the estimated budgeted costs.

  • AHS Central Office
  • Department of Finance and Management
  • State of Vermont Legislature – Joint Fiscal Committee
Story Behind the Curve

This measure is important because the Business Office (BO) tracks spending and enrollment trends by Medicaid Eligibility Group (MEG) and Category of Service (COS) as well as anticipated one-time costs, coordinates with the partners listed above, and creates a budget estimate for the fiscal year.

The overall trend for enrollment is up in some major MEGs, and the state of emergency continues the halted routine eligibility terminations and the total enrollment increase. Spending estimates will be updated with the passing of the Budget Adjustment Act (BAA) anticipated in January and will project a more realistic picture. The current spending climate is difficult to anticipate and is presenting a new challenge for finance.

DVHA aims for programmatic spending to be within 1% of appropriation. This KPI is informational only. The complexity of healthcare spending is largely outside of the scope of control of finance.

Narrative last updated: 01/26/2021

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