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Contracts: The median # of business days contracts are in routing for review

9Jun 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

This measure is important because to execute agreements that enable work to happen on schedule and within budget, contracts need to be drafted, routed, and signed for execution in a timely manner.

This measure shows the median number of business days contracts are in routing for review by required reviewers.  For contracts to guide the delivery of results, contract language related to business need and expectations must be clear, accurate, and understood by all parties. The current process related to drafting, routing, and executing contracts involves many required reviewers and signatories per the Agency of Administration’s Bulletin 3.5 requirements. Department program staff would like to see this process shortened, while Business Office staff must ensure that all requirements of Bulletin 3.5 are adhered to and that reviewers have adequate time to perform their review.  The COVID pandemic has allowed staff to work at home and prioritize drafting/routing/signing agreements. Grants and Contracts staff work diligently to draft and route agreements in a timely manner.

The Contracts & Grants Unit sends agreements to reviewers and allows for a 10-day review period. After the review period, the agreement is uploaded for reviewer signature and moves out of this phase. Some agreements do not require all levels of State review, and as such, they can receive approval in only a few days. Other agreements take longer in review if reviewers have questions, and the program needs to provide a response before the reviewer will finalize their review. The review in July was higher because the 2 agreements that were executed were held up with ADS for about a month. DVHA had no contracts or contract amendments executed in the month of September. Many things were still in development or put on hold while changes were made, so agreements did not get through until October. In December, the review KPI was much lower as we had a few high priority agreements that were expedited through the review process to make the 12/31 deadline. No contracts or amendments were executed in the month of January 2022.

Narrative last updated:  02/15/22

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