The percentage of seniors from the selected cohort who apply for college using Apply Texas with be 100% and 1 more...less...

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Percent of Seniors who have completed at least one current ApplyTexas application or college application

99%May 2018

Line Bar Comparison
Story Behind the Curve

Story Behind the Curve   

Negative Factors:

  • Students lack knowledge about the true cost of college - Students don't realize they are poor
  • Students do not have the writing skills to complete the essay portions quickly/painlessly 
  • TIME - liaisons can't focus as much time on Scholarships
  • No database of local scholarships (no common application)
  • Letters of recommendation are hard to come by 
  • ESSAYS!! 
  • Scholarships are not targeted to our students (Part-time students)
  • Students don't realize they are poor

Positive Factors:

  • Saturday School =captive audience 
  • Overachievers - students are ready to go
  • Schools have a list on website (slightly incomplete, but it's a good starting point)
  • Pre-written rec letters 
  • Starting before senior year
What Works
Low Cost/No Cost
-Building well-rounded students (community service)
-Compile list of scholarships
-Create relationships with English teachers
-College cost calculator/ worksheet (Texas Reality Check)
-Weekly PL bulletin board featuring college (include college cost)
-Scholarship bucket (ordered by due date) - update excel worksheet

Out of Box
-Contacting local scholarships and trying to reason
-New scholarships that address the needs of our students
Promising Practices 

Other research needed
-Are other schools not completing applications?
Action Plan
Scorecard Result Container Indicator Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy