Strategy 3.3: Decrease barriers to participation and success and 1 more... less...

EPM 3.3a: % of retained participants

EPM 3.3a: % of retained participants

22.2% FY 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

The intention of this performance measure is to calculate the extent to which barriers to participation have been removed. Historically, there has been a breadth of programs reporting and varying interpretations of this measure. Given the 2020 revision of the UWSC Strategy Map, the focus is now specifically on educational programs and participant retention.  - AM

August 2021: NAMI has indicated that their FY19-20 data may have been entered in error, using a duplicated participant number rather than an unduplicated participant number. As such, the FY19-20 data likely is inaccurate. - AM


The funded programs whose data is reported and aggregated here include:

  • NAMI:  Family & Peer Support (return participants from previous fiscal year)
  • The Arc: Advocacy (return participants from previous fiscal year)
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