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Percent of Black pregnant women on Medicaid in Buncombe who deliver full term (37+ weeks) in Buncombe County - TBD

90.3%Q4 2017

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Data Description

This data has not been tracked since 2017 but the SC4S team intends to implement new data tracking procedures so that the data for this measure will be available again in the future.

Note: There is discussion among partners regarding this measure of "healthy delivery" being 40 weeks gestation as opposed to 37 weeks, which is considered "full term" by some practitioners and national standards (39-40 6/7ths weeks according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). The Mothering Asheville data team has researched the raw data and adjusted the way this performance measure is reported to reflect "full term" as 37+ weeks.

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