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% of public notices where notice was issued 25 days prior to the implementation date

7.7%SFQ4 2022

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Notes on Methodology

  • Lead for the change (if applicable)
Story Behind the Curve

This measure is important because public notice is a federal requirement for certain changes to Medicaid and must be published before the effective date of the change being made.

The Policy Unit strives to issue public notice 25 days prior to the effective date of implementation for all changes requiring public notice. This is to allow a legitimate opportunity for stakeholders to engage in the process.

During SFY22 Quarter 2, 12 of the 13 public notices issued were for changes in payment models, rates, or reimbursement methodologies. Only 1 of these 12 reimbursement notices met this KPI. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a very difficult budget environment for both state government and the larger health care system. Stakeholders for large reimbursement methodologies and payment models are often engaged in advance of public notice of a change, as was the case in SFY22 Q2. Some changes are based on federal rates, such as Medicare, and delays at the federal level can also lead to short windows of time for state staff to implement changes and issue public notice. The one public notice that remains stems from informational guidance that CMS issued in December 2021 that required states to issue public notice before the end of 2021 calendar year.

Narrative last updated:  01/18/22

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