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Healthy Families (Queen Anne's County FY18 and beyond)


How Much # of eligible families served by Family Support Workers and meeting the minimum dosage (weekly to quarterly meetings with FSW-depending on the plan).

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HFY2 2023


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Story Behind the Curve

FY22 half year: Healthy Families has a consistent heavy caseload and specialists are able to maintain all families. Various trainings have taken place, including Response to Active Shooter, CPR, first aid, mental health first aid. The Mid-Shore program also held a virtual event, Fall Participant Connection, which was a reported success.  Also some challenges with participants contracting covid and unable to participate.


What Works

FY22: Adapting to families' needs, going virtual when appropriate or necessary, recruitment, outreach. Training, expanding knowledge base, referrals so home visitors are able to provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of all participants. 


FY22: referrals reportedly lower than previously, staff have been thinking of ideas and suggestions for recruitment of new families. We are open to suggestions on how to increase our recruitment of new families into the program.

Action Plan

FY22: continuing to look into ways to recruit new participants. 

Data Discussion

FY 21: HFY2 has a limited number of new eligible families, and this is due to the Pandemic. They were unable to reach as many families as in the past. FY22, HFY1 Program participant has three young children, Program Providers noticed one son did not seem to be gaining weight. The child was referred to a pediatrician who admitted to the hosiptal for testing, and without a known diagnosis, after some time the child began to gain weight on its own and thrive. The Program Providers worked with the mother and child once back home and helped to develop gross motor skills, build muscle, tummy time, and more. Virtual calls continued, and training items were dropped off at the house while remaining contactless. The family learned new information, activities, and discussed concerns or further learning and goals. The program is continuing to work closely with the family to continue progressing and developing. 


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