Reengagement Coordinator (Talbot County FY18 - Annual)

How Much: # of unduplicated Talbot disconnected youth (ages 16-24 not in school or working) served by the Reengagement Coordinator - Annual

18FY 2022

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This measures shows the Disconnected Youth served by the Reengagement Coordinator through intervention strategies which are funded by the Local Management Board. The Reengagement Coordinator also conducts prevention work with students who are at risk of dropping out. That work is funded by Talbot County Public Schools.

During FY22, more students were engaged through the prevention services than through the LMB-funded interventions services. The Reengagement Coordinator outreaches through multiple sources to recruit and reconnect with Disconnected Youth.

This program had it's first staff change since inception. A new staff person, hired for the 2021-22 school year, invested time in learning the unique challenges of engaging with this population, meeting referral partners, and attempting direct outreach to the youth. She reported ongoing impact of the pandemic in terms of youth disconnection from school and willingness to return. At the end of the school year, she left the position. A new staff person and former TCPS teacher has assumed the role.

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