Project SEEK (Harford County FY18 - Annual)

Better Off: % of youth who showed improvement in a minimum of one life domain on the Child and Adolescent Needs Strengths and Needs Survey (CANS) scores improved every six months - (Annual)

98%FY 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

The Child and Adolescent Questionnaire is a tool used by most agencies and the State of Maryland to support decision making and help providers determine the appropriate level of service and specific areas of need that the family presents.  The tool allows the provider to track the client's progress.  Inner County Outreach (ICO) uses the tool at intake, discharge and every three months.  It helps ICO track short-term behavior changes for the child.  There were 32 out of 39 children/youth who showed improvement in FY18.  

What Works
Action Plan
Data Discussion
Measurement Tool Used

Data for this measurement is completed every three months and at discharge by completing the Child and Adolescent Needs Strengths and Needs Survey (CANS). 

Research Agenda
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