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How Much: # of disconnected youth - (Annual)

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FY 2021


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Story Behind the Curve


This performance measure trended in the right direction. The upward trend is a result of collaboration with other community partners who met service gaps, such as temporary housing, providing school supplies and financial support to several youth. 


The number of youth meeting the criteria of disconnected youth continued to decline for FY20. The onset and continuation of COVID 19 limited opportunities for new referrals. As the number of disconnected youth has declined, the number of younger youth served has increased through LCT referrals.


Fewer disconnected youth were enrolled in FY19, in part to the situations above, and in addition, there are many challenges with getting youth in particular to follow-through with initial in-person meetings after referral.

Data Discussion


Count (unduplicated) of disconnected youth served collected by internal records reported at quarter and aggregated at half fiscal year.  Because it is unduplicated, the second half fiscal year only includes those additional youth that are new to program.

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