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Brain Injury Program (TBI)

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Story Behind the Curve

The Vermont Traumatic Brain Injury Program supports Vermonters with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, diverting or helping them return from hospitals and rehabilitation facilities to a community-based setting. This program is focused on rehabilitation and driven by participant choice, supporting individuals to achieve their optimum level of independence and to return to work.  The nature and severity of injuries and disability is the biggest factor in determining if a person will graduate to independence or to ongoing long- term services.


TBI providers; family members; outpatient therapists; Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; community businesses; local housing authorities; health care providers

What Works

  • Comprehensive team with holistic approach
  • Quarterly team meetings
  • Connect individual with community resources
  • Make or maintain natural connections in the community to create a circle of support

Action Plan

TBI service provider meetings with individuals and their teams to ensure goals are met; track progress; support effective transitions to independence or ensure ongoing services to support an optimum level of independence with daily activities.

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