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Better Off: # of children for whom there is reported an improved relationship between child and incarcerated parent OR child and formerly incarcerated parent/caregiver - (Annual)

6FY 2022

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Story Behind the Curve


The number of participants achieving this measure is lower compared to FY19. Despite the lower number achieving this measure, the percentage (50%) for FY20 is higher, compared to the FY19 full year percentage of 38 achieving this measure.


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Data Discussion

FY21 - HY1

The number achieving this performance measure is higher compared to previous years because the data is now collected from two target groups parent coaching and community group participants responding to the survey questions listed in the “Measurement Tool(s) Used.”

Measurement Tool Used

FY21 - HY1


  1. Tool - Coaching Satisfaction Survey

The number of participants who respond positively to the statements number one and nine and to question number ten, and check the correlating two statements. 

  • # 9. My relationship with my children/family members has improved.  
  • # 10. Which areas of your life have improved since beginning with this program (please check all that apply)?
  • My ability to trust others and communicate with others
  • My relationship with my child(ren)
  1. Tool - Workshop Evaluation

The number who respond positively to questions number three, four and seven.

  • I now have more resources that will help me talk with my child about the workshop topic.   Yes___ No___
  • I now have more strategies that will help me communicate better with my child.  Yes___ No____
  • 7. This workshop helped me to improve communication with my family. Yes___ No____
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