Early Care Healthy Families (Garrett County FY17 and Beyond) - Annual

DEN: # of enrolled children (Annual)

27FY 2023

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Story Behind the Curve

For HFY1 22:  This measure is trending downward as it is compared to FY21 totals for the year.  The number of children screened depends on a FY schedule.  So far for HFY1 22, 19 of 19 eligible children were screened per schedule, for developmental delays.

For FY20:  Enrollment during the transition required staff to develop and implement new processes for virtual enrollment. In late June, Healthy Families Maryland hosted a supervisor/FAW training day to learn effective strategies for successful enrollment via virtual contact with families. Although a new process, 11 new families enrolled in services from May 19th – June 30th, 2020. As a result of COVID-19 transitions in enrollment, the target was not met within 10% (the program was 2 families under). To turn the curve, staff will implement the developed strategies for family engagement and enrollment. The program also made and distributed flyers to the hospital and local MD offices on the switch to virtual home visits, childbirth class modifications, and breastfeeding class modifications.

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