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Ret: Access to Care: # of pharmacies per 1000 Medicaid members

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SFQ3 2023


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Notes on Methodology

  • While no national statistics exist, DVHA has set a benchmark of 1 pharmacy in a 60-mile radius for every 1000 Medicaid members.

Story Behind the Curve

This measure is important because Vermont has seen a recent closing of independent pharmacies and mergers of chain pharmacies resulting in some location closures. 

Vermont is showing a shortage of pharmacists available to fill prescriptions. This seems to be a nation-wide trend.  Drug stores around Vermont have been trimming back their hours in response to a growing shortage of pharmacists.  Family-owned pharmacies are also dwindling in number in Vermont and elsewhere. Small pharmacies face stiff competition from chains.  Due to member complaints about the travel time to get to pharmacies, it is important to track how many pharmaciers exist in each county and what services they offer.

The trendline shows that the overall availability of pharmacies is remaining fairly steady over time, however is below the target.  The break-out grid shows that there is a shortage of dentists in the more rural counties. 

Narrative last updated: 12/04/2020


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