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CommUNITY Mentoring (Queen Anne's County FY20 and Beyond) Annual

Better off: % participants who met their academic/career/college goals as measured internally by the Mentor Coordinator (Annual)

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FY 2023


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Action Plan

First Half of FY 20:

In order to ensure the youth reach their goals the following Action Steps will be implemented:

  1.  Secure all documentation and associated cost to allow youth to obtain a driving permit and eventually a driver’s license.  Four (4) youth have already obtained their permits.
  2. Continue to utilize Haven Ministries, HIS Hope Ministries, and other county resources to develop soft skills that will prepare the youth for education and/or employment.  Classes for resume writing skills, presentation and communication in the workforce, motivational training, budget skills, toxic stress, civility, transitional housing, basic home skills, etc. will be offered at the Resource Center.
  3. Work with local trade businesses to develop apprenticeship programs for youth interested in HVAC, plumbing, construction, welding, landscaping, etc.  Or assist youth with applications and scholarships for trade school or Chesapeake Community College.
  4. The Program continues to work on the overall problem of transportation for the youth.  Once the above skills are obtained, the youth will still have a difficult time in this rural county getting to and from school and/or work.  We have reached out to Chesapeake Helps and will be working with local car dealers that offer significant price reductions and payment plans for the youth.  The Program has also secured a 15-passenger bus that needs some mechanical work and painting prior to being utilized.  We are in the process of trying to secure the funds to do this.

Data Discussion

First Half of FY 20:

Data: 2/15 or 13%

Two “Opportunity Youth” mentee’s from last fiscal year continue to work on their career(s) and college goals.  Both are in school part time and their mentors continue to guide and encouraging them to focus and do well in their school work.

The remaining 13 mentors are new to the program as of early November 2019.  Mentors initially work with the “Opportunity Youth” to research and determine goals.  Once these are established, the youth and mentor will list and prioritize the goals.  Mentors then help the youth to address particular issues that are making it difficult for the youth to move forward.  This could be any number of things, housing, drug abuse, transportation, assistance with motivation and/or health reasons.  Various county resources are utilized to step by step help the youth meet their career/academic/ or college goals. 

The QAC CommUnity Mentoring Program is in it’s initial phase of developing relationships, locating and providing the resources to the youth.

Measurement Tool Used

Clear Impact Suite is an easy-to-use, web-based software platform that helps your staff collaborate with external stakeholders and community partners by utilizing the combination of data collection, performance reporting, and program planning.

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