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Organizational Change Management Unit

% of OCM deliverables completed

100%Jun 2022

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Notes on Methodology

  • MMIS Project Teams
  • IE&E Project Teams
  • DVHA Operational Units
  • ESD Programs and Operations
Story Behind the Curve

This measure is important because OCM deliverables are the vehicle which deliver value to our partners and impacted stakeholder groups. 

Our work on project teams includes discreet work activities to drive the overall goal of adoption and usage of the planned change. Many of these work activities translate to OCM deliverables in the areas of Communication, Engagement, Training Planning, Coaching, Sponsorship, and Sustainment.  In order to achieve this target, we must be deliberate in incorporating OCM deliverables into project plans, completing progress steps, and communicating any challenges to achieving our goals with our partners. 

This measure has been holding steady at 100% for the past year. This demonstrates that the OCM leads have been able to manage the workload on the projects to which they are assigned. Influences on this data include internal resource availability and external project requirements related OCM work activities. 

Narrative last updated:  12/04/2020

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