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Tobacco Prevention Program

Percent of Quitline callers enrolled in the multiple call program that reported that they had quit.

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Story Behind the Curve

The Connecticut Quitline offers a 'multiple call' program, where participants can sign up for scheduled calls from a quit coach to help them with quitting their tobacco use.  These callers can receive tobacco use cessation medications to help; the more sessions people participate in the more likely they are to quit.  

However, quitting nicotine addictions is very hard and it takes most people many attempts to successfully quit.  It takes an average of seven attempts for people to successfully quit for life.

Utilizing industry average quit rates, our performance measure for the quitline was identified at 30% using a RESPONDER QUIT RATE determined by our independent evaluation team.

The first measure was collected in 2013, the most recent evaluation based on 2019 data, and the next measure will not be available until 2024.

These date are current as of August 2022.


DPH Tobacco Program Staff--Define and Monitor Contract;

DPH Quitline Vendor--Quit Coaches and Data Collection

What Works

US Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guidelines defines the evidence base for Quitline services and successful quit attempts.

Action Plan

Continued training in best practices (currently cognitive-behavioral theory) and motivational interviewing techniques, training for new staff as they are added.

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