Tobacco Prevention Program

Percent of Quitline callers that enrolled in the multiple call program.

68.1% Nov 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

CT residents that access quitline services are more likely to be successful when they participate more fully and in combination with tobacco use cessation medications.  We continue to strive to find ways to entice callers to participate in the multiple call program in order to receive medications and extra support.  

With our experiences in both quitline services and face-to-face cessation programs there is a percentage of quitters who only participate in one session.  Although this is not optimal, even offering incentives has not changed the trajectory.

These data are current as of February 2023. New data are expected by summer of 2023.


DPH Tobacco Program Staff--Analyze and Monitor Contract;

DPH Quitline Vendor--Data Intake and Quit Coaches

What Works

Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guidelines confirms there is evidence for the success of multiple sessions.  People that successfully quit typically are those that have participated in more sessions and utilized FDA-authorized tobacco use cessation medications.  The more support a quitter has, the more likely to succeed.

Action Plan

We will continue to follow clinical best practices, adopted guidelines, and use successful interventions whenever possible in order to increase support to those trying to quit.

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