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Ret: % of filled classified positions to total classified positions allocated to DVHA

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Mar 2023


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This measure is important because adequate staffing resources are an important component in the success of the Department’s mission and objectives.

The Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) must maintain a focus on hiring practices and professional development to successfully recruit and retain talent.  This measure shows how well DVHA is managing and filling vacancies; it does not include temporary or contracted positions.

DVHA utilizes job-share positions when appropriate to share full-time work between multiple staff working part-time hours in one position. The total position count will only count job-share positions once for the total positions count. The filled position count will count the multiple job-share filled positions as the amount of staff there are for that position number. i.e. 730123 has a total filled position count of 2 incumbents currently.

April 16, 2020, the State of Vermont experienced a hiring freeze which affected recruitment and what positions we were able to fill. The DVHA position recruitment plan was approved by AOA, and the hiring freeze has been lifted effective April 1, 2021. All recruitment requests were reviewed against our approved department plan so we did not overwhelm HR/Recruitment and recruitment has not stabilized into normal recruitment processes.

Narrative last updated: 02/15/22


  • Senior Leadership
  • DVHA Managers


Vacant positions have always been closely monitored by the Senior Leadership team. The current hiring freeze, which began in April 2020, has caused us to be even more critical and more strategic with our vacancies. Position management is extremely important and allows discuss and reflect on any resource deficiencies across the department, and the possibility of reallocating vacancies to support specific units or areas of work. 

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