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Percent of youth (high school) who currently use other types of tobacco including e-cigarettes.

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Story Behind the Curve

Although vaping and the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) is fairly new, preliminary studies show many of the same negative effects as those caused by smoking.  

Although a reduction in the use of cigarettes had occurred over the years through increases in price, adoption of smokefree policies and knowledge of the harms of tobacco use, new forms of tobacco such as flavored ENDS and little cigars continue to appeal to new tobacco users.  ENDS and heat-not-burn products are marketed as having lower risk than traditional combustible cigarettes.  Initial advertising about ENDS products and available colors and flavors promoted their appeal to youth.

Data were obtained from both the Youth Tobacco Component (2002-2017) and the Youth Behavior Component (2019-2021) of the Connecticut School Health Survey.  The survey is administered in odd-numbered years.  These data are current as of February 2023.  New data are expected by fall of 2023.  The data are typically updated biennially (in odd-numbered years).

Due to changes in methodology, including differences in survey administration and data collection procedures in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to compare estimates from 2021 with those from prior YRBS/YTS waves is limited. Data from the 2023 YRBS will be necessary to better understand the behavioral trends.


Connecticut Department of Public Health; Connecticut Department of Education; Connecticut Department of Revenue Services; Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services; local prevention councils; local wellness councils; regional action councils; health care providers; and others.

What Works

CT raised the age for the sales of tobacco products to 21 years old effective 10/1/2019.  

Passage of higher tax rates on other forms of tobacco including electronic or e-cigarettes and vapor products; expanded policies regarding possession and purchase by minors.


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SHIP Strategies:

Public education on the benefits of higher costs of tobacco products, and performing policy scans to determine best approaches to reducing access to products

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