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Rate of Community Services Utilization per 1,000 Vermonters

39 per 1,000 peopleSFY 2020

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Story Behind the Curve
  • The Vermont Designated Agency (DA) system serves nearly 40 per 1,000 Vermonters, which is higher than the United States rate of 24 per 1,000 people.

  • The system of care is established on the principle that the intensity of services an individual requires will change over time.

    • Individuals receive community-based treatment appropriate to their needs and move to higher or lower levels of care only as necessary to provide the best support for them. The mental health system must have the flexibility to meet the needs of the individuals and provide the necessary services. 

      • For many Vermonters who have a chronic illness this is more challenging, as they continuously require higher level of service needs within the system.

      • For others, they enter and exit intermittently depending on their individual needs. 

  • While the rate of community services utilization by Vermonters has remained consistent for this reporting period, the number of adults receiving case management services indicates higher rates of service are being provided to a smaller number of clients who may otherwise needed care within a hospital setting.

Notes on Methodology
  • Data from this graph are obtained from the Uniform Reporting System (URS).

  • Supplied by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the URS is provides uniform reporting of state-level data to describe the public mental health system and the outcomes of its programs.

  • In Vermont, the scope of reporting data to the URS includes any part of the public mental health system that comes under the supervision of the Department of Mental Health.

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